Term Of Services (TOS)

Users ONGIB Host has to comply with all regulations in ONGIB Host and laws applicable in Indonesia and the Law - Law where the servers are located.

Here's agreement to use the service in ONGIB Host:

1. Conditions content
Users are prohibited:

  • intentionally or unintentionally upload script associated with phishing activity. This violation will cause the suspension to terminate your account if strongly indicated upload the content by mistake.
  • Any unlawful content such as violation of intellectual property rights, trademarks, pornography, gambling, SARA, money laundring, and content attack / discriminate against other parties that may lead to violations of the law.
  • Duplicate / copy, entering, modifying, damage and move files from the existing system in ONGIB server that is not a right or property of the customer concerned.
  • Use or sell the space, features include POP3 email / autoresponder / email accounts, subdomains, addon domains to third parties.
  • Using ONGIB services for content IRC bots, spamer, pirated software, Emulator / ROMS, Realtime chat app, Twitter bot, facebook bot, trusted sara or incitement, the script uses the vast resources can deplete resource ONGIB host.

By using the services of wind means that users also agree that:

  • ONGIB not responsible for any content published or uploaded by users.
  • Users must take responsibility for any content diunggahnya in law if a violation of law.
  • Users willing to coordinate with the Ongib if any claim of infringement of a rule violation or any claims ONGIB lawlessness prevailing in Indonesia as well as from ONGIB law where the server is located.
  • In case of violation of one or more of the points that have been ongib mentioned on this page, then the ONGIB entitled to unilaterally disable the associated account.
  • If there is a violation, then the ONGIB entitled to no refund has been paid even though there are the days of a 45 day warranty.
  • ONGIB trying to backup visitor data as possible, but ONGIB not responsible for loss of data owned by the user. However, in order to maintain the credibility of ONGIB, then ONGIB always tried backing up user data to the best method we have.

2. Content Spamming and Email
By using the Services of ONGIB, User agrees that:

  • ONGIB the right to close or disable the account that intentionally or unintentionally send large amounts of mail for any purpose.
  • ONGIB not an email service, to use large amounts of mail, users are required to use smtp mail services such as sendpulse, MailChimp, Mandrill etc.
  • Spam email usage indicated or proved Sepam will directly inactivated by ONGIB. Users must coordinate with ONGIB case of spamming if they did not report their account deleted.
  • Email used to harass, intimidate, spread hatred, defamatory, fraudulent or otherwise violates the law, then ONGIB reserves the right to disable the account.

3. Use of Resources
Regulation of resource usage is specific, ie, adjusted on the service purchased by a customer in ONGIB Host. Regulations in addition to the use of resources, referring to the existing legislation on this page.

users of Standard hosting in ONGIB obliged to obey Resource usage agreement as follows:

  • Users may not use CPU resources as much as 100% for 90 seconds from the allocation given to the account ONGIB concerned. Users can monitor the use of resources through the account control panel.
  • If there is a misuse of resources then UNIB entitled shortly suspend related accounts.
  • Here is a sample script that drain resources running in ONGIB specifically prohibited, among other things: livechat (liveperson.com, humanclick.com etc.), torent, proxy, chatroom, irc, Anonymizer, tunnels script, UltimatesBBS, Imagehosting, file hosting, file storage.
  • The use of bandwidth-intensive in large amounts can interfere with other users in server same, for it ONGIB entitled to disable the associated account.
  • Users must ensure that the script used is safe, in case of hacking and the script has been infiltrated by a virus, malware threatening other ONGIB users, we reserve the right to disable accounts linked. Avoid script nulled or pirated and the script originating from untrusted developers.

Semi dedicated users are required to adhere Resource usage agreement as follows:

  • Semi dedicated users are given privileges for a given resource has been restricted so that the user can use the resource CPU, RAM, proccess, entry proccess, IO, its IOPS.
  • But there is a script that should not be used in semi-dedicated as script torent (closely related to copyright infringement), Proxy (often misused separately spamming), hacking, cracking.
  • Users must ensure that the script used is safe, in case of hacking and the script has been infiltrated by a virus, malware threatening other ONGIB users, we reserve the right to disable accounts linked. Avoid script nulled or pirated and the script originating from untrusted developers.

Users  of Dedicated Server is obliged to obey the covenant Resource Usage as follows:

  • Dedicated servers user has the right to use the resource as much as she want, as long as his server hardware could handle it.

Users of the FTP Account service shall use the following conditions:

  • The FTP account service is a service designed for backup purposes and should not be a high-resource sharing medium.
  • Users must use IO resources and bandwidth wisely.
  • If a user dominates the use of a resource that may interfere with server performance, then we reserve the right to suspend the associated account.

In general we expressly forbid it - it is illegal to use shared hosting services in ONGIB especially the violation of Indonesian law and the law where our servers are located. Ongib reserves the right to add or subtract points - points that exist in the pages of this pengguaan agreement. Users can view the pages of this agreement periodically to update the information in its possession.
Users are required to obey all rules of Ongib Host on this page.

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